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The Benefits of Online Maths & English Tuition



I hope you're all very well.

I had never thought of delivering tuition online.


I was delivering a maths lesson to one of my long standing students. I had been working with the student for a year and a half, as she had been under achieving before I started to maths tuition with her. She was now working at a higher than expected standard. Her mum asked me if I taught any lessons online. I had become very friendly with the family and I laughed and said "I'm not a computer whizz!". Her sister lived in London and needed a tutor for her son. Her sister called whilst I was there and I spoke with her. She asked if I would consider tutoring her son online for GCSE English. I said I'd do some research and get back to her. 

I had 3 more students afterwards. It was always a little stressful, fighting against the traffic to get to my next lesson on time. I was fully booked each evening and couldn't take on any new students.

The next morning, I did some research and found that I didn't need a degree in technology to start working online. Furthermore, online tuition was a 'big thing'. I found an interactive whiteboard that I could use with Skype. 

I then had a call from a lady who wanted key stage 3 maths tuition for her daughter. She had called me a few weeks before and I had explained that I was fully booked, however I would get back to her if any slots became available. I said I was thinking of starting online lessons and she was keen to try it too. It was totally bizarre, I had never even thought of this, yet in a week, I had 2 people wanting online lessons.

I had to do the original 2 lessons on a Sunday as I was fully booked. Then, I started to tell my other student's parents that I was now doing online maths and English tuition. Most of them wanted to try it too! Within 4 weeks of my initial enquiry, I was delivering 75% of my lessons online. This of course, freed up space for other students as I didn't have to account for travelling time.

 My students loved it. After teaching online for 3 years, things have evolved very positively and I now only teach online. I now use Zoom as it's straight forward and easy for the student to navigate. The many benefits of online maths and English tuition lessons are:

- It's convenient.

- It's fun and engaging.

- I plan all my lessons thoroughly beforehand. Additionally, being in my office, if a student works through something quicker than expected, I have all my resources to hand. This ensures that valuable lesson time is maximised.

- It has been proven, that students who learn using different methods/mediums, are 98% more successful academically.

- I can use a mixture of content in my lessons. 

- Documents can be shared, worked through together and annotated/edited.

- The whiteboard has many functions and can be used widely.

- Homework can be emailed to me so that I can share the documents and go through any improvements with the student, in the following lesson.

- IT skills are also built upon.

I build a great rapport with my students and their families too. The only limitation is that I can't have a coffee. Although, jokingly, I do get offered them quite regularly!